Amanda Gunning

My name is Amanda Gunning. I have over ten years experience of clinical hypnotherapy, I am a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a Practitionar of the Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing Method

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis within therapy for the treatment and relief of a variety of medical and psychological symptoms.

Hypnosis, in a clinical setting, is a very pleasant experience of feeling relaxed and yet your mind being very focused. In this state you can move around and talk if you wish to. You will also hear and remember everything that is said, if it is important for you to remember.

Whilst you are in this relaxed and focused state you are given suggestions, already agreed by you, to help remove unwanted behaviours, thoughts and feelings.

A hypnotherapist acts only as a guide, helping you how to enter a state of hypnosis. You will actually be hypnotising yourself - therefore you are always in control.

Your mind will be more suggestible in this state, but it will only accept suggestions that you are in aggreement with.


As long as you are willing to be hypnotised then most people can enter the trance state. The ease at which you enter the trance depends on the following -

The rapport you have with the hypnotherapist. It is therefore advisable you phone first and have a talk with me. If you think you can relax in my company and be open about your problem then this will help you ease into a hypnotic state during the session. NB phonearound until you finf a hypnotherapist you do feel comfortable chatting to. More qualified hypnotherapists can be founf either through the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis ( ) or the Hypnotherapy Directory ( ).

The motivation you have to change your unwanted habits, behaviours or feelings

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