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Details of Sessions and Costs

A standard Hypnotherapy session (that is other than a Stop Smoking session), lasts approximately one hour

The first part of the course is talking through your presenting session, finding out about you as a person, and most importantly, discussing your goals. The rest of the session will be taken up with the hypnotherapy itself with time afterwards to give feedback and talk about your experience if you wish.

Between booking the appointment and arriving it is beneficial to know what your goals are. Another good idea is to write down any points you think are important.

The number of sessions that are required depends upon the individual and the symptoms presented.

Generally bebefits can be felt after only one or two sessions, especially if used in conjunction with self hypnosis or a free CD. Some symptoms require more sessionsif analytical work needs to be undertaken, but these cases are infrequent.


A one hour session costs £80

A stop Smoking session costs £120

Payment is made at the end of the session through cash or cheques. PayPal can be used and Payment is made prior to appointment.

HypnoBirthing Classes (12.5 hours) cost £500 (Payable in advance via cash/Cheque/PayPal)