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Most people who want to give up smoking do it for health or financial reasons. Here are some of the main benefits of becoming a non-smoker:-

Your hair, skin and breath will no longer smell of tobacco smoke.

Your breathing will be easier.

Your sense of taste and smell will improve.

You'll see a reduction in phlegm and smokers cough.

Your lung efficiency will start to recover to a rate similar to a non-smoker.

You will be better able to cope with physical exertion.

You will save money by not having to buy cigarettes.

You will be free of the burden of relying on cigarettes.

Research shows that when done correctly the success rate is slightly over 66%. The success rate of trying to quit on your willpower alone is just 5%, that of using behaviour therapy is just 25% and that of using nicotine replacement products just 25%. You can see that hypnosis is a very strong option indeed. In fact no other method currently supported by research even comes close.

You must be sure that you wish to quit. If you are not fully convinced of your desire to stop smoking then the treatment is likely to be less than effective. But if you are committed to your goal of becoming a non -smoker, being free from the addiction and of saving yourself an average of £250 per month(that's £3,000 per year!) then hypnotherapy can help you in an effective on-off 90 minute session.

During the session I will take a detailed history of your smoking habit and using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, will guide you into a pleasant and comfortable hypnotic state. You will leave as a non-smoker - it is up to you to remain a non-smoker.

IF you find that you are still struggling to kick the habit in the three weeks following the first one-off session, a free follow-up is offered. The cost of a 90 minute session is £120.